Custom Web Development

A professional and successful website should have an even balance of creativity, technology, design, and aesthetics. With all of these components in mind, our team at ArtDriver has been able to master the ability to build functional and unique websites that bring good ROI and set the industry standards.

Perfect web page designThe Process

To ensure that our clients are happy from the first consultation to the delivery and implementation of the final product, we always begin by evaluating the needs, wants, budget requirements, and target audiences of our clients. We have learned to become an extremely flexible team that is able to offer an array of web development and web design packages.

Agile Project Management Approach

Our team is distributed and consists of PMs, designers, developers, QAs and SEOs. In order to operate efficiently, we practice Agile software development. Specifically, we use SCRUM for most of our projects.

Usually, the client has one point of contact on the ArtDriver’s team - our Project Manager - who communicates with the client on a daily/weekly basis via email, phone, Skype,, etc.

At ArtDriver we place a large focus on keeping up with the new technologies. We are able to implement features such as newsletter subscriptions, e-commerce, online user registrations, video and audio streaming, password protection, forum and blog installation and customization, online payment processing and fundraising, mobile website development and much more. We work with Symfony 2 framework (PHP based) and widely popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.

Custom web development client testimonialThe Experience

ArtDriver truly enjoys helping clients of all types and sizes reach their website goals. We have worked with numerous start-ups, NGOs and SMEs. With our experience in custom web development and mobile web design as well as years of expertise in working with a wide range of clients, the ArtDriver team is eager to work hard, fast and efficiently to deliver top-notch services on time and below budget.

Consulting with ArtDriver is the first step to boosting one's business' online success. With our vast range of services, we are sure to craft a website that will cater to each and every one of our clients' needs.

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