Software & Database Development

ArtDriver's software and database development services utilize the newest technology available. Our software development expertise can mean cost savings, efficiency, reduced risks, and flexibility for our clients. We strive not only to deliver high quality products, but also support and keep our systems at the highest possible performance rate so that they always meet the client's satisfaction.

We develop information security software, business processes software, sales and marketing software (CRM systems), telecommunication-related software, and personal communication-related software.

Many of our software development projects are web-based and include the development of scalable applications such as HR Applications, Interactive Charts, Educational Applications, Financial Applications, Medical Applications, Member Databases. We also work with geo-mapping applications and mobile phone application development for Android and iOS.

Agile Project Management Approach

Our team is distributed and consists of PMs, designers, developers, QAs and SEOs. In order to operate efficiently, we practice Agile software development. Specifically, we use SCRUM for most of our projects.

Usually, the client has one point of contact on the ArtDriver’s team - our Project Manager - who communicates with the client on a daily/weekly basis via email, phone, Skype,, etc.

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