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Evelyn L. Payton Evelyn L. Payton, Writer, Literary Empire
ArtDriver took my hand drawn sketch on a piece of paper and literally brought it to life online. It was watching my dream come true. It was exactly like I wanted and imagined. I could not be more happier or prouder of my beautifully custom designed website. Since this is a personal website of my literary works, I felt like I could talk to them about any changes or corrections and no detail was overlooked. I truly felt like they listened to me and they shared my vision. Thanks again Oleksiy and your talented ArtDriver team.
Using the 'Moving Man' Method of Broken Link Building

Using the ‘Moving Man’ Method of Broken Link Building

Essentially we’re talking about broken link building on steroids. You need to focus on finding the right fit for your links by reaching out to people with similar interests who are currently linking to pages that have moved, stopped offering a service or have shut down. When done right, the Moving Man method offers a win-win exchange that helps all involved.

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10 Tips to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions

10 Tips to Increase Shopping Cart Conversions

Shopping cart conversions are the bread and butter for e-commerce companies. Optimizing and increasing those checkout conversions is paramount to the success of the e-commerce business model. Therefore, it is very important that e-commerce business owners continually test out and make changes to improve upon the existing layout of their sites.

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