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Joshua L. Dermott Joshua L. Dermott, NACUA
I’m very pleased with the work done by Oleksiy, Denis, and others at ArtDriver. They were professional, quick to respond, and helped me understand website development – something I had no previous experience with. I felt the quality of their work was excellent.
How to create a custom WordPress 404 page

How to Create a WordPress 404 Page

Many website owners do not give enough importance to their 404 pages. It is essential for every webmaster to make this page effective and attractive in order to stimulate web users to stay on your site and continue browsing other pages. In this post we will cover some basic tips on how to enhance your 404 page.

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Bootstrap on WordPress

How to Build WordPress Responsive Theme On Bootstrap

Bootstrap has served as a great starting point for building fully responsive and eye-catchy WordPress themes. In this post I’ll be walking you through all the steps associated with creating a WordPress theme from scratch using Bootstrap.

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